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The support service that World Technologies provides is designed to meet the growing demands required in todays competitive market. Taking time to understand each of our clients requirements allows us to tailor our support to fit into your business and ensure we deliver exceptional proactive support. Our proactive approach to supporting your IT infrastructure means we can often resolve issues before you even notice a problem, to do this we have invested in state of the art end point management technology. Our endpoint management allows us to monitor all of your systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Why choose World Tech to be your IT support partner

  • Cost Control - Fixed costs allows management of overheads
  • Remote Access - Instant remote takeover
  • Monitor - 24/7 Real-time Monitoring & Alerts
  • Prevent - Maintenance through Endpoint Management
  • Protect - Anti-virus and Anti-malware protection
  • Future-Proof - Technology Roadmap
World Tech IT Support
World Tech support services

Why use World Tech

Response and Resolution
Providing excellent response and resolution times to incidents is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly, with our modern helpdesk we track each incident to ensure if is addressed swiftly.

Monthly reporting on incidents
This allows us to identify any reoccurring issues which may need to be addressed, it allows you as the client to understand what is happening in your IT environment and help plan for the future.

Technology Roadmap
A roadmap is an important part of our service, this aids us in recommending the right technology for your business and enables us to work with you in achieving your goals.

Do you want technology to help or streamline a particular function within your business? Tells us what you want and if we don’t already have a solution then we will find one.

Stuart Freeman of World Tech was introduced to us by personal recommendation
and proved an invaluable resource in starting our business in 2013. After an initial discussion of our requirements, he provided the business with all necessary equipment and is always on call to solve problems that arise, by phone or visiting the office if necessary. During our recent office move to Chelsea, Stuart dealt with all technological and communications issues for us so that we could seamlessly continue trading the same day. For a new company World Tech have been a great asset in solving all of our problems and issues, in some cases, before they arise.
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