Understanding Online Backup

Our Vault solution provides Backup and Disaster Recovery software for Virtual data center. We offer VMware backup, Hyper-v backup and Physical server backup solutions. Get up and running in minutes. No special setup required. Our backup solution is perfect for desktop/laptops, File Servers, Microsoft Exchange, SQL-Server, SharePoint, Outlook etc. directly to the Cloud. We offer a single solution to perform cloud backup for your Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

“Our powerful Vault solution perform recovery of files, folders, emails, mailboxes and tables."

Why choose World Tech to be your IT support partner

  • Flexible - Automatic Backups hourly/daily/weekly
  • Fast - Rapid restoration of data
  • Cost Control - No Hardware Required
  • Lightweight - Only System Changes are sent
  • Secure - Cloud Storage with Data Encryption
  • Support - 24/7 Monitoring and Support

Why use World Tech

Cloud Email
Probably the most popular cloud technology, moving your email to the cloud brings benefits such as resilience, low monthly costs and the ability to work from anywhere.

Cloud Desktop
Hosted Desktops give you the freedom to access your files, business applications and emails, wherever there’s an internet connection. You’ll see your own virtual desktop, just as you would at the office, on any device – laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Cloud Backup
Online backup provides a simple, automated yet secure method to protect your critical business data. With our online service you can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations or emails in your backup schedule or you can backup up an entire exchange server or SQL database. The software is very flexible, backups can either backup at folder level or you can select individual files.

Cloud Telecoms
Whilst VoIP is not new technology, its popularity has been increasingly growing as internet connections get faster and more reliable, at World Tech the only phone systems that we deal with are IP based systems so you can be assured you are dealing with the experts.

Stuart Freeman of World Tech was introduced to us by personal recommendation
and proved an invaluable resource in starting our business in 2013. After an initial discussion of our requirements, he provided the business with all necessary equipment and is always on call to solve problems that arise, by phone or visiting the office if necessary. During our recent office move to Chelsea, Stuart dealt with all technological and communications issues for us so that we could seamlessly continue trading the same day. For a new company World Tech have been a great asset in solving all of our problems and issues, in some cases, before they arise.
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